Week 13: Thinking Critically About the Web

This weeks reading from The Social Media Reader was by Henry Jenkins and was titled, “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars? Grassroots Creativity Meets the Media Industry.” This chapter talks about consumer based media through the Star-Wars franchise. “The internet has changed the way we consume media in so many ways. The biggest way the internet has changed the way we consume media is we can now get media when we want it. Back in the days before the internet in order to watch something you had to wait for it to come onto TV but now we have sites such as Hulu, Netflix and OnDemand where we can watch movies and shows whenever we want to. As far as other media platforms go we can get newspapers and magazines online and on our phones using an app making news super accessible. Also because of the internet news and media is so instant we get our news and videos and live streams as they are happening or slightly delayed which we could never have without the internet.

Jenkins explains how fans have created their own additions to the Star Wars series even though they have received a lot of backlash from copyright control and the franchise themselves. Jenkins said, “The fan community must negotiate from a position of relative powerlessness and must rely solely on its collective moral authority, while the corporations, for the moment, act as if they have the force of law on their side” (232). Over the past few years some franchise have supported this type of fan activity while others have tried to put a stop to it fully. I think that franchises such as Star Wars need this “bottom-up” momentum because it keeps the fans engaged and it keeps them wanting more and more. If it weren’t for the fans there would be no Star-Wars franchise after all.


Week 11

So far I think my group has been doing a great job. We are organized and work well together. We have been collaborating on all aspects of our final project and agree on the direction in which our project is going. Creatively I think we are doing a good job, our main idea for our video is to use three different people we find on campus…one person who knows a lot about the student-alumni career connects program and has used it to find a job or internship, one who kind of know about it but has never used it, and one person who knows absolutely nothing about it. I think with that we can be creative and take our video interviews and skits with these three people in a great direction. The first big milestone our group has accomplished so far is getting together our whole idea. We struggled with this in the beginning but when we started to get our ideas flowing more we came up with a great idea for our project. The second milestone we accomplished so far is that we found our three people to use in our project. We thought that this was going to be a challenge and it was but overall we think we found great people to feature in our video and help make our video really good. The first hurdle that we are anticipating is filming we want to make sure we have great lighting and everything but we also have to film around the schedules of these three individuals as well as our own so we are hoping we can meet up with them when there is some great outdoor lighting on campus. The second hurdle we are anticipating is editing, editing I know for me is always a challenge even though we have been practicing all semester we want this to showcase our best editing skills and we want the whole video to flow well together.

Week 10


Go Rutgers!

This is a picture I got from Flickr at the Rutgers football stadium of the cheer team running with flags that spell out Rutgers. I think we can use this in our project because it is a depiction of Rutgers spirit and unity and we are talking about Rutgers Alumni helping out current Rutgers students which also shows unity and spirit among the Rutgers community. I think we can add this into our intro or credits something like that.



The song that I chose from the website was through SoundCloud. The song is “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. I chose this song because I think it would be a good song to fad in and out behind our video. The song is upbeat and happy which I think will coordinate perfectly with our video because we also want our video to be upbeat and happy, we want people to be in a good mood while watching. Also I thought this song would go well because we want students to feel like if they use the “Student-Alumni Career Connections” through career services they are going to have a good feeling about how to get a job and getting one all together. Maybe we could put it in the background of the video fading in and out or maybe just at the end, wherever it best fits.


The movie that I chose from the search engine is Legally Blonde. This movie is about a girl who in the pursuit of chasing her love she applies and gets into law school but on the way actually realizes she wants to do law and is actually a smart girl. I couldn’t really find a movie that tied in that much with the content of our presentation but I think there are some scenes. One scene that came to mind is the “Whip into Shape” scene (which I’m sure you guys know if you’ve ever seen the movie. This can relate with our presentation because it ties into students buckling down looking for a job.

Week 9: Part 2

I think overall we did a good job collaborating and thinking of ideas for our final project. We agreed on a topic and all added what we think needs to be included. During the story boarding process we agreed that our biggest tool during our video needs to be interviews with alumni that are part of this career center tool. We discussed lighting and times of day we need to be filming in order to get the best shots. We agreed that the best way to take these videos is with a tri-pod for our phone which I just remembered I own from a previous class I took my freshman year. This way our shots wont be wobbly or un-focused.

I think one thing we should add to our project is an interview or informational bit from someone from career services, possibly the person who thought of this tool. In this weeks reading from Social Media Reader, “How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law” Mandiberg discusses the topic of plagiarism and how such strict strict plagiarism laws can actually inhibit the creative process and make it pretty hard for one to express what/how they want to. One way we can legally find outside information is to take b-roll or something like that from career services with their permission. Overall, I think we are on a pretty good track!

Week 9: Part 1

For our project we have chosen the topic of: “Student-Alumni Career Connections.” On the handout we received in class the description the career center gives is, “Access Rutgers alumni who are willing to provide career advice. Search the database by major, job title, employer, and more to learn about their career paths.” Personally, I wanted to do this topic because I think the fact that career services offers a tool like this to students is really cool and t was definitely something I did not know about and I don’t think a lot of students know about so I think we can help promote the use of this great tool. I think that finding a job can be a scary thing for a lot of students the thought of maybe not getting a job after graduation is daunting and I think this tool can help calm some of those nerves.

As far as creative direction I think our groups video project should definitely be targeting juniors and seniors because they are the ones looking for internships and jobs. I am hoping that in our project we can actually get a hold of some of the alumni who provide information and add those interviews into our promotional video. In our storyboard I think we can lay out our project in a fun way showing how to use this tool and incorporating those interviews to help make students feel more comfortable about the job/internship hunting process.

Week 8: Top 5 Midterm Blogs

Here are my picks for the Top 5 midterm blogs…

  1. https://forkkitup.wordpress.com/blog/  Alanna’s blog “fork it up” was one of my favorites because it was super visually appealing. The pictures of the food on her headers were colorful and made you hungry…which I am pretty sure was the point. The visuals made me want to keep reading and look into her blog more. I like that the blog was easy to navigate and straight forward. I had clear labeled tabs that got me to explore all the content without being lost at all. I liked that not only did she have healthy food which she gave the calorie count too but she also had sweet treats as well.
  2. https://fireflyfest.wordpress.com/ The main reason that I added Lorena’s blog “All Things Firefly” to my top 5 list is because it had a really specific audience which was one of the goals to our blogs. Lorena successfully targeted an audience of people who are interested in going or are going to a firefly music festival. Her blog was creative, colorful, and visually appealing. She had lots of visual aspects that drew me in to the content and made me want to keep reading her blog. I thought her video was fun and creative as well which is why I choose it in my top 5.
  3. https://robbysfoodblog.wordpress.com/ Robby’s midterm blog “Love Thy Sandwich” is on my top 5 firstly because I love the idea. I think his overall idea of a blog about all kinds of sandwiches is extremely creative and unique. I liked the way he targeted a certain audience which was clearly people who love sandwiches or are looking for a good sandwich. I loved the layout of his blog because it was easy to navigate. Another aspect that I really liked about Robby’s blog was the visuals it definitely made you want to try them and definitely made you hungry!
  4. https://happyandhealthy365blog.wordpress.com/ Emily’s blog “Happy and Healthy 365” is on my top 5 list because I thought the concept was fantastic. From experience I know that college is a hard place to remain healthy all the time and a guide to help that I think could be very useful to many people. The blog was easy to navigate and well thought out. I liked the titles on her post for example, “Don’t fight your food” I thought they were creative and made you want to keep reading the content. Overall I chose this one in my top 5 because I think she successfully targeted an audience, was creative, and had great content.
  5. https://makeupbyangblog.wordpress.com/ I placed Angela’s “Makeup by Ang”  midterm blog on my top 5 because I found her blog very visually appealing as well. She used a lot of great pictures and examples of the makeup she even added a makeup selfie section which I think was super creative. I enjoyed Angela’s video and found that it was very informational and well thought out. I liked the concept of her video of makeup products for a cheaper price, i actually found it very helpful because I know how expensive makeup can be. Overall I felt her blog belonged on this list because it seemed well thought out, easy to navigate, creative and targeted a certain audience.

Week 8: Creative Process of Midterm

For my midterm project I decided to make the title of my blog “college dorm baking.” The subject of my blog is baking that can be done in ones dorm room. The recipes that I would be adding to this blog require only a microwave or are”no bake” which means does not require any appliances at all. I choose this topic because I knew I wanted to do something with baking because baking is something that I enjoy doing and I thought that would come through in my videos and post but I wanted to make the topic less broad. My freshman year of college when I was in West Virginia and lived in a dorm room I decided to look into recipes that I could use to bake treat sin my dorm room. When I would bake in my dorm room it aloud me to escape the stress and reality of my first year of college and take my mind off of school work and just enjoy a quick and easy to make treat. I thought that being able to share these recipes in a blog format could do the same for other students living in dorms or just anyone who wants to make a quick and easy treat.

As far as for my video, I decided to do a tutorial on how to make a “Hug in a Mug” which is a microwavable cake that one can make in a coffee mug. I filmed myself making the dessert by showing the process and ingredients going into the cup. I used subtitles to help specify exactly what the ingredients were and how much of each ingredient to put into the mixture. I wanted to make my tutorial easy to follow, quick and fun to go along with the stress free baking vibe. I chose a fun Christina Aguilera  song that’s upbeat to get my viewers in a happy mood and ready to bake.

Week 6: Editing Video

Making my video assignment was definitely a different experience. I have never used screencast-O-matic or made a screencast before. I also have never used iMovie before this assignment. I really enjoyed learning how to make a screencast, I watch a lot of YouTube makeup tutorials and how to videos and always wondered how they talk over the video that they pre-recorded. Putting the final video together was slightly frustrating; I had some issues with iMovie and my computer but eventually I figured it out and it all came together. Over all I am happy with the end result for both my screencast and my final product.

As we read in the Bogost reading, video and computer games can manipulate users and create different meaning within the game itself. Growing up I was never one to personally play a lot of video games however; I did grow up watching my older brother play video games of all kind mostly games that involved fighting war, or violence of some kind.. I agree with Bogost that video games can certainly convey a meaning especially a political one. The goal of these games my brother was playing was to kill a certain person or certain group of people in the game so the game put meaning on completing the task of killing someone or a certain group of people but leaves out the real life tragedy and issues that surround this type of violence and the harm and issues it creates in our world such as war and gangs.  I think Bogost makes a great point throughout the reading and touches on the fact that video games create a lot of identity politics and either puts lots of meaning in or takes meaning away from issues that may or may not be so obvious to us.

Week 3: Photoshop

I would definitely not consider myself an expert at Photoshop or at editing images. My only experience editing images is in my sophomore year of high school I took a photo 1 class where we touched on editing a little bit but since that was about 5 years ago I don’t remember much. My only other experience editing photos was last semester I took a class were I had to incorporate photos into my journalism articles but it was not very extensive just cropping and basic formatting for the most part.

I am excited to learn about editing images in this class because I want to have a large skill set when it comes to digital media and journalism. I think that I will be able to find photo editing useful in the future either in other classes here at Rutgers or for a future job.

This weeks Colemen reading discussed “Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls.” According to Colemen, Hackers are usually people who are bonded together with their love of computers that “…do not universally invoke this type of policing between “good” and “bad” or “authentic” and “inauthentic.” … hacking hangs together around a loose but interconnected set of issues, values, experiences, and artifacts” (Colemen 100). I do not believe that internet hackers can have any positive motives except for the hackers that are used my our country in order to keep it safe.

A troll is someone who messes with people on the internet, they are essentially the bully of the internet spamming post by innocent people with negative content. Colemen argues that these internet trolls may have motivation such as political reasons for their havoc on the internet. Phreakers, Hackers, and Trolls all create a spectacle on the internet by hacking, tricking, and torturing users. I believe that internet hackers and trolls are still around today and are very harmful to the internet community and should be stopped.

The two images below are portraits of models I burrowed from the internet…

This is a head shot of model Gigi Hadid from fashionmodeldirectory.com

This is a head shot of model Kendall Jenner from ukmodels.co.uk